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At PCPC Small Groups happen in two expressions: Home Groups and Redemption Groups.

Home Groups

At PCPC we believe small groups are important because our union with Christ and growth in the Gospel always happens in the context of community—in our relationships with others. Home Groups provide a place for growth and maturity in the church, particularly in a church of considerable size.

Our hope is to connect the people of our community to one another to encourage growth in the Gospel.

Please contact our Director of Small Group Ministry, Pat Hobin, at [email protected] or 214-224-2541, at any time to learn more about Home Groups at PCPC.

Redemption Groups

Redemption Groups

Redemption Groups are about relationally reentering our stories of sin and suffering in order to experience anew the Christ-centered freedom won by God for us in the Gospel. In a Redemption Group you will follow the narrative of the Exodus and feel what it means to move from slavery to freedom in Christ in all areas of life. Participating in a Redemption Group enriches your sense of what it means to be delivered by Jesus from death to life and helps you see in greater depth how that story shapes your life as a Christian.

Meeting Information

When: Mondays, February 13-May 15, 2017, 7:00-8:45 pm
Where: Room 301