Frequently Asked Questions


How often will I teach class and for how long?

Our teachers volunteer to teach class once a week. Classes are an hour and a half long.

Will I need to prepare before I come teach?

The curriculum makes teaching very easy. 15-45 minutes should be sufficient time to prepare!

What if I have plans to travel?

No problem! We also have substitute teachers who are available to fill in for you if you can’t be there. Just let us know!

How long is the school year?

The 2019-2020 school year is September 4 to May 21.

Is it OK that I don’t speak Spanish or any other language?

Yes! The best way to learn English is in a class where the teacher speaks only English!

What if I have no teaching experience?

The books we use are written with you in mind! You’ll feel confident in no time!

Is there training?

Yes! Training is important! As soon as you sign up we’ll let you know about training times!

How do you communicate the Gospel?

We share the Gospel through service, scripture, prayer, and talking about our stories of rescue in class. We also try to reach students in their heart-language.

Why are childcare volunteers so important?

We are able to reach more families and reach them in a deeper way by sharing with their children. Often, it is the children sharing the things they learn that causes a change in the whole family.

What would I do as a childcare volunteer?

Much like volunteering as a Sunday school teacher, you would help lead children in crafts, songs and Bible stories. No preparation is required of childcare volunteers!

Contact Celeste Tenpenny with questions: or 214-224-2528 and always leave a message.