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Terrance and Hillary Luker

Terrance and Hillary Luker


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Prayer Requests:

  • We have had multiple cases of COVID in our church. Pray for these families which, in some cases, are under economic and marital strain.
  • Online school, ministry on Zoom and lockdown in an apartment is getting old! Pray for focus and acceptance of what we cannot change.
  • We are grateful to be able to connect with the workers in Europe we oversee. Pray we are connecting with God so that the encouragement we offer is genuine.
  • It is complicated to meet with people we are discipling and/or sharing our faith with. Pray for this as we are still actively meeting in various forms.
  • 2020 helped us make healthy changes, from exercising more to being more consistent with family worship. Pray for us to continue and for our family’s spiritual growth.