Meet Our Missionaries

Rick and Donna Buddemeier

Rick and Donna Buddemeier

U.S. Based

Sending Agency:

Prayer Requests:

*To daily see the hand of God in our trials and ministry: Jesus lives. Thankfulness & sustained vision with energy or when lacking it.

*For the salvation of many through African ambassadors, well-trained to reach Africans, through The Center of Training in Intercultural Mission, Togo, W Africa.

*Rest (given their many labors & type-A drivenness) for colleagues/leaders of missionaries in W Africa: Pastors Sampson, Kwashie, Humphrey, Chris and associates.

*Lower-income folks in Togo/Ghana (including missionaries, teachers) face about $36 inflation (loss)/mo, or 18%. What to do? Eat 18% less? Pray for them & for aid.

*Opportunity at Dawa, where the equator meets the meridian, to build a missionary base/sending facility/business-skill-in-mission center. For clear & practical vision.