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Lee and Sonia Jagers

Lee and Sonia Jagers

U.S. Based

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Prayer Requests:

*Pray for Lee’s preparation for the Traction Retreat (September; in Switzerland), and for even more missionaries to sign up. The counselors are eager to serve the attendees toward spiritual and emotional renewal.

*Pray for Lee’s exciting challenges while he serves as OurCalling’s chaplain. The staff serves an ever-growing number of gut-wrenching situations with the homeless. They want to introduce them to Jesus.

*Pray for the health of our youngest daughter, Natalie, in whom the Lord is working on creating our eighth grandchild; delivery date is in November.

*For three unsaved neighbors Sonia & Lee met recently. Specifically, we can interact with them and will be drawn to the Lord’s characteristics He channels through us.

*For daily devotional times that seem to reach down more and more deeply into our hearts. We need FROM God and OF God. The Spirit of God is at work and we yearn for it to continue.