Cross-Cultural Resources


“Cultural intelligence isn’t something we should compartmentalize as a separate skill apart from the rest of our faith and formation. It ought to be an outhgrowth of our inward spiritual journey as we live out devotion to God in relationship with the Other.”
David A. Livermore, Cultural Intelligence

Book recommendations

Foreign to Familiar, Sarah A Lanier
Available in the PCPC Libarary and Bookstore
“If you follow the principles in this book, the boundaries of your worldview will expand … . This is a must-read in today’s world where ‘cross-cultural’ may simply mean ‘across the street.’”
Cross-Cultural Servanthood, Duane Elmer
“Here is culturally-savvy insight into how we can follow Jesus’ steps to become global servants.”
Ministering Cross-Culturally, Lingenfelter & Mayers
Available in the PCPC Library
“This excellent volume is another extremely helpful tool for preparing cross-cultural workers.”
Cultural Intelligence, David A. Livermore
“This book is an essential, foundational resource for anyone who desires to effectively interact across cultures. It will enable you to understand our own culture and the lens through which you see all other cultures.”


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