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Fear & Worry Part 2 | Virtual Summit

Fear & Worry Part 2 | Virtual Summit


Sunday, August 16, 2020

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Fear and worry run deep in us all.

Fear and worry have meaning. They say something.

Fear and worry say that the world is dangerous.

Fear and worry reveal us. They reveal the things that we love and value.

—Dr. Edward T. Welch

Do fear and worry prevent you from enjoying the rest that God has promised? Join us for our Part 2 Virtual Summit as a follow up from when Dr. Ed Welch was here in October. Come learn more about how to live the life God has called us to live and to which has so graciously provided for us with a panel discussion hosted by the PCPC Counseling and Care Ministry.


“In Running Scared, Ed Welch masterfully shows how Scripture’s refrain to not fear is always coupled with the promise of God’s presence. When I fear that my kids will experience rejection, the promise of God’s presence beckons me to die to the notion that He doesn’t care about my kids or that no one is in control. My worries are revealed as opportunities for me to turn back and talk to the God who is near and who loves me.”

"One of my main takeaways is the “manna principle.” One of the biggest causes of my anxiety is anticipation of hard days. And almost always when the day gets here, it isn’t as bad as I anticipated. Thinking about the “daily manna” keeps me from getting ahead of myself with worry about how hard something in the future is going to be."

"It’s meant so much in my life this summer. In fact, I gave a copy to my mom and she loved it so much she bought four copies for friends and family. Fear and/or worry is a big “hook” in our family and God is using Ed Welch’s wisdom from God to help us."

Date & Time

Sunday, August 16
7:00–8:30 p.m.