Park Cities Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Dallas, TX

Episode 17 (Season 2) Rest through Journaling: Recording and Reflecting Guest: Mark Davis

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

About the Episode:
Join us for a series on Rest in which we discuss what it means to take time to be still in a world that is so addicted to activity. We are going to talk about how rhythms of rest, stillness, and quiet can be a blessing in our lives. In this episode, Mark shares how the act of journaling can slow down our restless minds and help with the inner noise to take the Word of God and let it soak into our hearts. One recommendation is using the acronym of ACTS: adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication to reflect and record. It is so powerful to see God’s faithfulness through the recording of things you have prayed for. When seasons change, there is an opportunity for new rhythms. This Summer may be a great time to try journaling as a way to connect His Word as an anchor for encouragement to face all sorts of trials and as well as record all sorts of victories. “For people who are struggling to calm their mind down or who just like to have a way of looking back and seeing God’s faithfulness, I think [journaling] is a great habit to get into.” -Mark Davis

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About the Guest:
A graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Mark Davis came to PCPC as our Youth Pastor in 2003 and became our Senior Pastor in 2009. He and his bride, Kristina, met at a Young Life Camp in 1988 and have five amazing kids, Kara (and husband, Drew), Madalyn (and husband, Jack), Cayden, Esther Kate, & Samuel. Mark is a closet Architect and fountain pen apologist…don’t get him started!

About the Host:
John Paul is the Director of Young Adults. He is married to the lovely Katie Schulze and they have two daughters and a son named Libby, Ellie and JPIII. Come introduce yourself to John Paul on Sunday mornings in the Ambassadors Sunday Morning Community; he would love to meet you and help connect you to PCPC. Contact
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